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8515 Penfield Ave
Winnetka, CA 91306
Founded in 1987 by Terry Brussel and Brian Gitt
Based on the philosophy of Family Synergy
Founded 1971 by Hy Levy and Pat LaFollette

More sad new people, Harbin Hot Springs, home to many Polyamory gatherings and a favorite retreat for many of us has been destroyed by the Valley Fire. Full news/details can be found here.

But this picture really says it all:

Look how the metal railings in the hot pool have been melted and deformed.... and yet, the two signs outside on the south wall survived.

The only good news is that all of the guests & residents made it out safely and none of the springs or pools were damaged. Everything can be rebuilt... with help from all of us.

The site and their facebook page is showing updates and will have donation info posted when they can. At this time Harbin has NOT established any collection sites for financial donations, so if you see any at this time, they are scams. Keep checking the facebook page for details.

Please send your wishes on to all that live there.

The Live the the Dream Staff
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Live the Dream is an education and support group for those who, originally inspired by the writings of Robert Heinlein, Robert Rimmer and Marion Zimmer Bradley, are now ready to LIVE such alternative lifestyles as cooperative living, open relationships and group marriage.  Many of our concepts on multiply committed relationships come from Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" and "Moon is a Harsh Mistress"

Live the Dream also sponsors a Nest of Church of All Worlds, the real life, over fifty year old spiritual movement inspired by Stranger in a Strange Land. Live the Dream was founded in 1987 by Terry Brussel and Brian Gitt, inspired by Family Synergy founded in 1971 by Hy Levy and Pat LaFollette
Live the Dream
8515 Penfield Avenue
Winnetka, CA   9130